Liam and Calum's Room

Did you know that you can pack an incredible amount of stuff into a house with seven people over the course of six years? I am utterly gobsmacked at the sheer amount of stuff that is currently ruling my life. I think that’s why for the boys’ new room inspiration, I am drawn to minimalist, clean lines with personality. Both of my boys are easygoing and relaxed and I feel like capturing that is key to their new space.

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We are moving!

That’s right: the entire Parker clan is heading to South Carolina! A little town right outside of Greenville, in fact. So, naturally, I’ve begun daydreaming about all the fun decorating I get to do! First up: the shared twins’ room. My girly, colorful, artistic little bears are demanding only the most fun space possible with lots of color and light cream, white beds, blush quilts, soft mint green vintage touches, and a sky blue dresser. I’m so excited to see this come together.

Aria and Rhiannon's Room.jpg

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